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Christmas Recap

Had a great Christmas. After spending Christmas Eve at work (:(), went up to hang with my family on Christmas day. Our kids were blessed big time and received all kinds of gifts. Lots of dolls, dvds, baseball stuff, and Star Wars.

She is amazing at finding the perfect gift for people, and she totally surprised me with a couple things. Christmas Eve morning I didn't expect to get anything but I found a box under the tree addressed to me and in it was a Los Angelos Dodgers jersey (the team my favorite player, Manny Ramirez, plays for). Stephanie found it at the thrift store for 7 dollars! Then, after my 5 year old boy got a Twins baseball hat, I found a Twins hat in my stocking! I'm telling wife ROCKS! I love you babe!

Plus, we got a renter for the townhouse. Praise Jesus.

Our Big Christmas Gift

We received a wonderful Christmas gift from Jesus last week. On December 23 Stephanie met a lady in Monticello who was interested in our townhouse. After getting a tour the woman wrote Stephanie a security deposit check. Having the peace of mind that our townhouse would be rented was my prayer all December. Thank you Jesus for answering that prayer!

Maybe next time you could answer it more that 12 hours before Christmas? :)

Chargng Your Marriage Counseling On Mastercard: Priceless

Warren and his wife, Kay, say they know the danger of divorce all too well. Married more than three decades, with three children and four children, their own marriage had a very rocky start. Rick Warren: We'd be divorced today if it weren't for Jesus Christ in our lives. The first two years of our marriage were hell on earth. And finally, we just humbled ourselves and said, "Let's go get a good Christian counselor to help us, a marriage counselor." And I racked up a $1,500 counseling bill on my Mastercard. I always thought, "Mastercard, a saved marriage? Priceless." (laughter) When people say, "I can't afford counseling," I say, "You can't afford not to get it." Thirty-three years later, my wife is my best friend.
(HT: Dateline Interview Transcript)

My Favorite Books of the Bible

There are certain books of the Bible that I find myself continually returning to. Someday I will preach through them. The most prominent ones on my list are:

1 and 2 Peter

Rick Warren Interviewed on Dateline

Rick Warren was interviewed tonight on Dateline by Ann Curry. I thought the interview went well. Warren was concise, clear and thoughtful with his answers. The focus of the interview was Warren's relationship with Presdent-elect Obama, economics, and the reaction of the gay community to his opposition to Prop-8 in California.

Most of Ann Curry's questions were straight-forward, though she rarely gave Warren a chance to fully explain his answers. And some of her facial reactions clearly showed she was not in agreement with what Warren was saying. A couple times her liberal bias slipped in as she responded to what Warren said. Here's an example from the official Dateline transcript,
AnnCurry: Some people in the gay community wonder why you supported Prop 8. Why you supported taking away their right to love each other in marriage.

Rick Warren: Yeah, well, I'm not taking away their right to love each other.Ann Curry: In marriage.Framing the questiom and throwing in the…

Who Sharpens You?

We have no excuses before Jesus. His word is clear.
Ironsharpensiron, and one man sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17Introspective question inserted here: Who sharpens you?

Be honest.

When was the last time you confessed sin to someone face to face.

Real sin. Sins like...
Like doubting God's goodness or faithfulness.
Like looking at porn.
Like getting angry with your spouse or children.
Like being greedy.
Like worrying more what people think than what God thinks.
Like drinking to intoxication.Like quenching the Spirit.Like rebelling against your pastor's authority.Like thinking your better than someone else.Like speaking harshly.Like being proud.Like lying to manage your reputation.Like being selfish before your spouse.Like withholding your emotions or body from your spouse.Like trying to do it on your power and not on prayer power.Like over-spending your means.Like not being generous.Can I stop? I think we all can find some sin to confess.

Who sharpens you? You need to find them.


Playlist for Doing the Dishes Tonight

Disturbia - Rihanna (multiple times)
Take a Bow - Rihanna
9 Crimes - Damien Rice
Mercy - Duffy
Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
Fully Completely - Tragically Hip
I Will Not be Silent - David Crowder Band

Poster Child Syndrome

Great post by my good friend Jon Towey comparing the way addicts look at other addicts with the way Christians look at other people's sins and feel justified because they are 'not as bad' as others.

Here's a snippet of his writing to wet your appetite,
In a rehab, there are always those whose addiction has manifested itself in a more obvious manner, and there are those whose addiction has manifested itself in a less obvious manner than you.Read more about the Poster Child Syndrome.


How do you lead?

My default mode is to be a critic.

When I encounter a situation the bad parts JUMP off the page at me. And when I look at the good things that have been eyes glaze over.

I need to be genuinely encouraging.

That's how people want to be lead.

Verse of the Day: Philippians 2:3 (ESV)

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

- Philippians 2:3


hmmm......what to say.............

12/5 Morning Rundown

Here's rundown of the morning so far...

7:15-7:45 lay in bed with Andrew getting in and out watching cartoons (try not to freak out)
7:45 get out of bed and find bathroom floor soaked from Jacob and Izzy in the bathtub (try not to freak out)
7:55 find Jacob running around with shoes on upstairs carpet (try not to freak out)
8:00 find staples all over the floor under desk and computer in some weird start up mode (try not to freak out)
8:05 return a couple emails
8:10 find a glass of milk spilled all over the kitchen floor (try not to freak out)
8:15 get cereal for everyone and catch some hockey highlights on FSN
8:25 load the dishwasher with all the cups/bowls piled around the sink
8:40 load the washing machine with towels and kitchen rags
8:45 find 2 DEAD mice in the traps of the basement
8:55 type this blog post
9:00 finally coffee and some Bible time

The World Without Us

Just picked up a new book at the library today called The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. It is a book that looks at what would happen in the world if humans ceased to exist. First few pages are great.

The Plane is Going Down

"The plane is going down."

This is the phrase that has stuck with me since my meeting with a friend this morning. It is a phrase that describes life in a very accurate way. It means: death is imminent.

We were talking about the Christian life and reflecting on 2 Peter 2:7-8 which reads,
"7 and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the wicked 8 (for as that righteous man lived among them day after day, he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard);"Lot was deeply in touch with the fact that the people in the city around him were living far from God and that they would be punished eternally for their sins. He was tormented with the fact that God's holiness was being offended. He was tormented with the knowledge that without repentance the people he lived and worked with would be going to hell. Lot could hardly bear to think about the fact that "the plane was going down" and th…

November Pheasant Hunting

Well, I guess Monticello wasn't far enough from the city to get me into hunting country, but Northfield has done the trick. I had the privilege of being a tag along for two pheasant hunting expeditions this fall. I had a lot of fun and both trips were successful in getting birds. It is cool to watch the dog bounding around the field and then freezing stiff to point at pheasants. My wife thinks it is funny to her her metro husbands say things like 'blaze orange', 'kick up a rooster', and 'pheasants forever.' Maybe next year I will buy a permit and try and shoot a couple myself!

(the picture is my neighbor Brian and his dog Dixie after our first hunting trip)