12/5 Morning Rundown

Here's rundown of the morning so far...

7:15-7:45 lay in bed with Andrew getting in and out watching cartoons (try not to freak out)
7:45 get out of bed and find bathroom floor soaked from Jacob and Izzy in the bathtub (try not to freak out)
7:55 find Jacob running around with shoes on upstairs carpet (try not to freak out)
8:00 find staples all over the floor under desk and computer in some weird start up mode (try not to freak out)
8:05 return a couple emails
8:10 find a glass of milk spilled all over the kitchen floor (try not to freak out)
8:15 get cereal for everyone and catch some hockey highlights on FSN
8:25 load the dishwasher with all the cups/bowls piled around the sink
8:40 load the washing machine with towels and kitchen rags
8:45 find 2 DEAD mice in the traps of the basement
8:55 type this blog post
9:00 finally coffee and some Bible time