Chargng Your Marriage Counseling On Mastercard: Priceless

Warren and his wife, Kay, say they know the danger of divorce all too well. Married more than three decades, with three children and four children, their own marriage had a very rocky start.

Rick Warren: We'd be divorced today if it weren't for Jesus Christ in our lives. The first two years of our marriage were hell on earth. And finally, we just humbled ourselves and said, "Let's go get a good Christian counselor to help us, a marriage counselor." And I racked up a $1,500 counseling bill on my Mastercard. I always thought, "Mastercard, a saved marriage? Priceless." (laughter) When people say, "I can't afford counseling," I say, "You can't afford not to get it." Thirty-three years later, my wife is my best friend.

(HT: Dateline Interview Transcript)