Rick Warren Interviewed on Dateline

Rick Warren was interviewed tonight on Dateline by Ann Curry. I thought the interview went well. Warren was concise, clear and thoughtful with his answers. The focus of the interview was Warren's relationship with Presdent-elect Obama, economics, and the reaction of the gay community to his opposition to Prop-8 in California.

Most of Ann Curry's questions were straight-forward, though she rarely gave Warren a chance to fully explain his answers. And some of her facial reactions clearly showed she was not in agreement with what Warren was saying. A couple times her liberal bias slipped in as she responded to what Warren said. Here's an example from the official Dateline transcript,
Ann Curry: Some people in the gay community wonder why you supported Prop 8. Why you supported taking away their right to love each other in marriage.

Rick Warren: Yeah, well, I'm not taking away their right to love each other.

Ann Curry: In marriage.

Framing the questiom and throwing in the jab that Warren wants to take away someone's right to love another person is ridiculous and completely intentional and biased.

Warren showed me, again, why he is such a likeable and respctable church leader. From what I can tell, he truely lives out his faith as fully as he possibly can. I loved his response in this interchange,

Rick Warren: I'm happy for Barack Obama to be the winner. I would have been happy for John McCain to be the winner. They're both friends. The Bible says pray for your president.

Ann Curry: Where is he, do you think, going to need a lot of prayer?

Rick Warren: The thing I'm praying for him and for all of our leaders are the three things I pray for myself— for integrity, for humility, and for generosity. Humility is being honest about your weaknesses. And humility is being willing to listen. And I think even in this transition period, we've seen how President-elect Obama has been willing to listen even to people who he disagrees with. That's a great sign of a great leader.
What did you think of the interview?