2008 Rememberances

Wanted to try and put down some of the things from 2008 that I'd like to remember.

Officiated Steve Eastman's wedding
Preached at Rejoice Church
Preached at 1st Congregational of Waseca
Spoke to boys at a youth retreat for 1st Baptist Church
Preached to youth at Constance Free Church
Took kids to my parents cabin and drove home in a HUGE storm, stopped at Applebee's and waited out the rain with chips and salsa, and onion rings
The Whiteboard Sessions
Toured Washington DC with my bride
Meeting the Ben and Ainsley Arment and vacationing with Stephanie in Reston, VA
Multiple trips w/ family to Emma Krumbee's Orchard
Trips to watch my brother Jeff play hockey at Gustavus, St. Olaf, St. Mary's, St. Thomas, and Blaine
Twins home opener v. LA Angels w/ family and Target friends
Taking the light rail w/ family to watch Twins play White Sox
Sitting right above the Twins dugout watching them play Baltimore w/ Target buddy
Twins v. Red Sox w/ Jon Towey
Twins v. Yankess w/ father-in-law and brother-in-law
Twins v. White Sox w/ Target friends
Wild v. Canadians w/ brother Aaron
Wild v. Canucks w/ Jon Towey
Wild v. Phoenix w/ Jon Bradley
Meeting Mark Driscoll at Northwestern College w/ Mom and sister Carrie
Playing cornhole w/ family and Uncle Mark when he and his family were visiting from Japan
Multiple golf outing w/ Jon Towey at Heritgae Links, the Legacy, and Pinewood
Jesus providing a renter for our townhouse on Dec. 23rd
Playing on my first softball team (third base) and being nominated for the church league all-star game
Got a free piano and bought a drum set for $25
Summer swimming at the Apple Valley pool
Trips to the MN Zoo w/ the family, the Towey's, and the Bradley's
Nature hikes w/ the kids during the summer
Trick or Treating w/ Jacob ( and Izzy (bride)
Going on phesant hunts w/ neighbor Brian and w/ Brady Molenhauer
Started to Twitter
Reconnected w/ some old friends on Facebook
Stephanie got a 5th grade teaching job in Northfield
Jacob started preschool at Open Door Nursery school
Izzy does gymnastics
We found an amazing nanny to care for our kids
Performed a skit that I wrote w/ Stephanie at church
Brother Jeff graduates from Bethel U in May and Sister graduates from Bethel U in Dec.
Sister takes a teaching job in Guatemala
Barack Obama elected President, beating John McCain