4 Roles of the Creative Process

Talked a lot in in my meeting yesterday w/ my pastor about creativity and how to implement creative ideas in our church. He showed me an article in Outreach Magazine that discussed 4 roles in the creative process. At times a single person must place all four roles. In what I think is the ideal situation, a team is comprised of four different people uniquely talented in each role. The roles are:

1. Explorer
2. Artist
3. Judge
4. Warrior

The explorer is a gatherer and generator of creative ideas. This person is always looking, seeking, thinking and probing to find resources and inspiration. An explorer uses all the outlets available to them such as blogging, twitter, websites, podcasts, facebook, magazines, TV, books, and billboards to find ideas.

An artist takes the content from the explorer and begins shaping it and bringing it to life. This may mean drawing pictures, forming org charts, editing things out, pushing ideas together, etc. The artists helps people to see what might be.

After an idea is found and formed it must be evaluated. This is the role of the judge. Some creative things, as fun and cool as they may be, might not be applicable or possible in every context. The judge looks at the idea the artist has created and evaluates if there is a need for it, resources to accomplish it, and the energy to implement it.

A warrior takes the finished creative idea and fights for its implementation. This means building teams, gathering more resources, communicating with anti-change agents. The warrior owns the idea and sweats all the moisture necessary to accomplish the goal.

My nature role in the creative process is explorer. I enjoy searching out new ideas. I can spend long periods of time combing through information looking for something inspiring. My weakest role in the process is warrior. I prefer to be an idea bomber, dropping ideas onto the plates of others to implement. This is a role I want to grow in for 2009. I want to mature so that I more naturally take part in all four roles, not just the one that is easiest for me.