Book Review: Ultra Marathon Man

If you are interested in running, or if the thought of someone running two hundred continuous miles blows your mind, then you should check out Dean Karnazes book Ultra Marathon Man. What I read in this book is nearly incomprehensible. Some of the running achievements and stories that Karnazes retells in the book include a marathon at the South Pole, running 199 miles straight over 48 hours, and running 100 miles through mountains terrain.

In the book Karnazes writes about the physical, mental and emotional battles an ultra-endurance athlete must face as they run. He shares about cramps, vomiting, night blindness, frostbite, dehydration, hallucinations, and peeing on the run. It was an awe-inspiring book that I zipped through in only a couple days, and it has left me wanting to start running again (although I am surely no ultra-endurance athlete). You can also check out Dean's website for more info on him and his expeditions.