Comfortable Christians

In church last week the preacher said something that stuck with me. He said, "kingdom work will almost always encounter spiritual resistance, and if we are not feeling any resistance, we may not really be advancing the kingdom at all." Good point.

The Devil doesn't need to spend much time opposing those who aren't doing anything for God. They don't pose much of a threat to the desires of darkness.

The idea that resistance will come upon those who truly seek to advance God's kingdom is something I think many Christians intuitively know, and it is the fear of this resistance which stops many followers of Jesus from ever living bold lives of witness.

I know that is true in my life. I'm too often guilty of being a "comfortable Christian" who loves Jesus and enjoys being blessed by him, but who doesn't want to go so far that I might have to encounter real spiritual opposition. My minds, in those times, rationalizes that the benefits of stepping out for Jesus don't seem high enough for the cost of potentially fighting with Satan. Of course this is a lie, but, as with many other things in life, the objective truth is overshadowed by the perceived reality.