Last Day Reflections

Today was my last day at my first Target store in Apple Valley. Tomorrow night I will begin training for my new position. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by since I started w/ Target in Sept. 07. I can honestly say that I enjoyed my previous position and I will always remember fondly the people that I worked with at Apple.

As I was saying goodbye this afternoon I had multiple people tell me how much they will miss my positive attitude and the way I make them laugh and have fun at work. Those were very nice compliments. In the heat of battle day after day, you don't really see the kind of impact you have on the people around you. I guess that is the benefit of leaving, it clarifies how people feel about you and the impact you have on your environment. My store made it easy to enjoy coming to work because of all the people who worked so hard and took so much pride in their jobs. I learned a lot in 14 months, and I'm sure I will learn a whole lot more in the next 14.