My Leadership Profile

Below is a list of conclusions I drew about myself after taking some leadership/work assessments today. Taking tests like these makes me realize how much I desire the talents and abilities of others, rather than maximizing my own. It is not always enjoyable to stare at yourself in a mirror and admit the truth about certain areas of your leadership personality. However, to be the best leader possible I need to identify and admit EXACTLY who I am, and then leverage those strengths INSTEAD of trying to be someone I am not.

If you know me personally I'd love to hear your take. Do you agree, or disagree with anything?

As a leader I am...

- not dependent on the company of others
- a follower of rules and traditional methods
- not extremely innovative or creative
- kind and caring of others, but not reliant upon them
- not overly trusting of others
- a much more short term planner than a long term one
- a rules and procedures guy
- an honest person about my feelings
- uninterested in selling or negotiating
- a competitive person focused on winning
- not too into career but not uninterested either
- modest but not shy about my accomplishments
- confident and relaxed in important or stressful situations