Our Choices Shape Us

Each day is made up of thousands of choices. The accumulation of certain choices over an undefined, extended period of time, make us the kind of person we are. Another way of saying it: we become what we repeatedly choose.


go to church or sleep in
take a lingering/second glance or keep walking
give it away or hold on tightly
eat the burger or the banana
yell and accuse or give grace and listen
jump to conclusions or hear someone out
be lazy or work hard
quit or keep trying
never try or risk failure
watch the TV show or change the channel
watch TV or read a book
second plate or contentment
sweat the small stuff or go with the flow
I need it NOW or I can wait
pride or humility
surf the web or read my Bible
leave it for someone else or help out even when no one is looking
complain or be part of the solution

What kind of person will 2009's choices make you?