The Rewards of Small and Big Risk

I talked with someone on Monday about a pretty significant change in my future. My first reaction to the news was apprehension. Could I do it? How would my family handle it? Would the odds be higher that I would succeed or fail?

Lots of questions raced through my mind as I talked with Stephanie and pondered the possibility. On Tuesday, after a night of thinking, talking, and praying, I decided it was 'in' to give it a shot. I won't know for a couple weeks if any change will happen, but I feel like I already am over the hump just by making the decision to take a risk.

I am not much of a risk taker when it comes to big change. Sure I will try new food, go to a new place, or jump off a moderately high structure, but when it comes to the 'this-could-alter-your-life' category, I'm a little more cautious. I like to feel confident in what I do. I want to be sure I will succeed.

However, I am learning that small risk guarantees you nothing but small reward. Big risk, even though it carries with it a chance of failure, promises the possibility of big reward (not to mention the greater opportunity for Jesus to show up and do something amazing!).