My Wednesday

12:45 AM - Get home from men's league hockey game (8-3 win, 2 goals, 3 assists as a defenseman)
8:45 - wake up and rush to get everyone out the door for Jake's preschool at 9
9:30 - take Izzy to gymnastics, stay and watch w/ Drew
10:30 - take Izzy and Drew to grocery store, rush to pick up Jacob at 11:30
12 PM - eating chicken noodle soup and watching Prince Caspian, everyone bouncing around on my lap
1 - Andrew is sick and pukes all his soup on my shirt
2:30 - lay and nap w/ Andrew up stairs
4 - everyone sitting on my lap squirming and watching Elf
7 - American Idol, Jacob is couching or sneezing every 10 minutes (like he's done all day), he falls asleep
8:15 - Take Andrew upstairs for PJ and he pukes all over me again, so we take a bath
9 - Start washing clothes and cleaning the house