Super Bowl Party

My wife is an amazing party host. She has a gift.

Yesterday while I was sleeping she was making plans for a Super Bowl bash at our house. I woke up at 4 pm and was kindly told that I had some work to do before our guests arrived. While I picked up wet snow pants, markers and seemingly endless amounts of dirty cloths and toy trains, Stephanie was in the kitchen preparing our game day feast.

Here is run down of the menu:

- cut up pineapple and orange slices
- Godfather's pizza
- garlic bread w/ bacon on it
- bruschetta
- chips, salsa, and guacamole
- Cheetos
- candy
- soda
- and our friends brought some brownies

It was a great night of visiting and watching football. Too bad I only got to watch the first half before I needed to leave for work. Sounds like I missed an amazing end

At least I was able to eat like an offense lineman for an hour!