Book Review: Don't Let Me Go

Last week I read a delightful story called, "Don't Let Me Go" by David W. Pierce. It is the story of the mountain climbing and marathon running adventures a father and daughter shared together during her high school years.

Pierce writes with wit and candor that cause you to smile as you flip through the pages of his memory. I couldn't help but picture myself in his shoes, encountering the trails, hurts, smiles, and triumphs he is describing.

Intermingled into the main story are reflections Pierce shares on his own upbringing, primarily focusing on his relationship with his alcoholic father. These interludes are emotional and vulnerable, but I don't think they were necessary additions to the story. It may be that adding the memories helped Pierce more fully integrate his own experience with his daughter and heal past wounds. In that case, as a reader I am left feeling like I am sitting on the couch in Pierce's counseling office listening like a fly on the wall.

Reading "Don't Let Me Go" has left me more inspired to create lasting memories with my own children. It has also made me want to try and climb a mountain myself. As a father with 3 young kids I want to install in them a zest for life, for adventure, and a love of Jesus. All of these qualities are clearly present in Pierce's own daughter as she stars in the book.

Here's a quote that struck me as insightful and helpful,
"[In life] We visit the summits, but we live in the valleys. That's where we train, that's where we prepare, that's where we grow strong."
You can purchase your own copy of "Don't Let me Go" on by clicking here.

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