Book Review: Killing Cockroaches

Last week I had the pleasure of receiving and reading Tony Morgan's newest book, "Killing Cockroaches."

If you don't know Tony you should. He is a pastor and the CSO (Chief Strategic Officer) at New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Before working at New Spring Tony was on staff at Granger Community Church in South bend, In. But what Tony is probably most well known for is his superstar blog TonyMorganLive.

Killing Cockroaches is a book about leadership, ministry, strategy, and cultural engagement. The metaphor of killing cockroaches comes from a story Tony shares about his discovery of the fact that as leader he was spending too much time doing things other people should have been empowered to do.

The book is written as a collection of thoughts (blog posts) without any chapters. I really liked the format. It gave me the freedom to read straight through or to stop and reflect on particular things Tony shared. It was also fun to come across blog posts that I remember reading years ago on Tony's blog.

There are many things in Killing Cockroaches that will challenge church leader's. Tony's sense of humor (which is evident from the Top Ten lists littered throughout the book) makes the book fun to read but also has some provacative sarcasm which forces you to mentally engage with the truth that is being poked fun of.

In many places in the book Tony speaks about doing church in a way that focuses on those far from God. His desire is to compel these people to come into the church and hear a life-changing message. Tony heart for those who don't know Jesus is strong and clear. Tony has convictions about the church and the style the church should operate in, but he is also a humble learner who speaks highly of his peers in ministry and the leaders he is being shaped by.

I having chatted online with Tony multiple times and just last year at The Whiteboard Sessions I was able to meet Tony. He is a cool guy (even if he is obsessed with The Buckle and Clemson) and I'm glad I've gotten to know him and follow his ministry. In fact, I'm even mentioned in the book. You have to pick up and copy and read through it yourself to find out where.

To read more about Killing Cockroaches visit the book page at TonyMoganLive.

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