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Purity and Humility Unlock an Anointing

Mark Batterson has some words about spiritual anointing that we should all consider. I was especially struck with the last sentence.
I'm not sure any of us can even define the anointing. I think it's unexplainable, undefinable, and uncontrollable. But I want it. I need it. And I can't do anything without it. I'm not trying to get hyper-spiritual here. But you know when you have it and you know when you don't. On one level, it's not something you can man-u-facture. But I do think purity and humility are the keys to unlocking the anointing.

What Am I Aiming At?

Don't know who said it first but the axiom remains, "If you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing."

Aiming at nothing is sort of the way I would describe my life right now. Then again, maybe I'm simply reacting to the weather and the fact it was cold and damp outside pretty much all day. The truth is that I've been nagged since this morning with an inner dullness; nothing to be too happy about, no deep passion burning a hole in my soul. It bothers me.

Passion. Purpose. Fulfillment. Deep satisfaction. Achievement. Significance. Impact.

These are not the adjectives of a life made up of activities such as work, watching TV/sports, eating, and sleeping. Yet that is the routine of my life right now. God I need to break out into something else.

I'm Wondering

Should I or shouldn't I: Medtronic TCM?

Media Bias by the Star Tribune

I found this article on the Star Tribune website. It is titled, "Minnesota Poll: Most want Coleman to call it quits." I was intrigued by the use of the word 'most.' I went on to read the article which reports that,
A new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll has found that 64 percent of those responding believe Coleman, the Republican, should accept the recount trial court's April 13 verdict that Democrat Franken won the race by 312 votes.Would you call 64% 'most?' I am more inclined to reserve that term for something like 80-90%. How about you?

Warning: Rising Star

Warning: Do not take this future All-Star lightly. He eats up ground balls and crushes low inside pitches like a machine. I am serious!

Almost Arrested

So, here's the whole story.

Yesterday I was driving home from work when I was pulled over by a police officer in Lakeville. He asked me if I knew there was a warrant out for my arrest. I didn't know. After he told me what it was for, I remembered. A couple months ago I was issued a ticket for no proof of insurance. I followed the instructions on the ticket and faxed in the proof, but apparently the fax wasn't received by the courthouse. That is why I had the warrant.

After a few uncomfortable moments in the back of the squad the police officer drove me to a local bank so I could withdraw money and bail myself out of the back of his car. It was that or make some new friends at the Hastings jail. I will get my money back when I show up to argue my case and plead for mercy in court later this month. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having a police officer escort you into the bank to get some cash!

All in all everything is fine. Just a misunderstanding between me …

Do Not Quarrel About Words

Last night I was convicted as I read the words of 2 Timothy 2:14,
14 Remind them of these things, and charge them before Godnot to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers.I can remember a time when I was busy arguing about words in the Bible, instead of considering what the conversation was doing to edify the people around me. I am embarrassed about that now, especially since the Lord has opened my eyes to the error of my previous way of thinking.

James says the tongue is like a wild fire, which, if not contained, will spread rapidly consuming the life of everything in it's path. How sad it is when wild fire rages through the church, the very place that is supposed to be free of such destruction.

Cutting the Dead Weight on a Team

It is amazing what a difference it makes in the life of a leader, and for the morale of a team, when negative, noncontributing, and nonproductive people 'go away.' For a variety of reasons, letting go of these people isn't always easy; sometimes there is red tape, sometimes there are close personal relationships, and sometimes there are feelings of obligation or remorse. What great leaders do, however, is fight through whatever barriers exist because they know the future outcome is better than the current condition.

It is also important to remember that everyone is replaceable. It might not seem like it at first, but trust me, you have not see the last, greatest __________. It will take time and training, but if someone is making your leadership difficult, don't let their talent be an excuse for not dealing with them appropriately. The 'Terrell Owens' of the world kill too many otherwise excellent teams.

The Sound of My Children

I love the sound of my children playing together in a bedroom. I love listening to them create dialogue between toy dolls and play figures. I love hearing them randomly break in to off key, extremely loud song. I love hearing them compromise and find solutions to the problems they are having with each other. These are the sweet moments.

Then there are the other sounds I hear...

Taxes Are Done

Nothing like waiting until the last second. We E-filed our taxes today. Looks like we'll be getting a little money back. It's always nice when that happens.

The Tragically Hip on SNL 1995

Twins Game

Last night I heard a radio announcer quote the words of a former MN Twin named Gary Gaetti who would say, "Never leave a baseball game early."

Last night we didn't, and we got to see a heckuva ending. I was fortunate to get four free tickets to the game so I brought Jacob and Izzy, plus their Nana Kris. We had fun eating Skittles and popcorn. But the most exciting part was the bottom of the ninth inning when the Twins used three consecutive walks (with two outs) to set up the game winning hit.

Unlike any other sports, you are never out of it in baseball. And I'm glad we were there to see the remarkable ending last night.

GO Outisde!

Here is something I've been wondering about today.
"Why do I feel pressure to spend more time outside when the weather is nice?"I am not only speaking about pressure from external sources like friends and family, but internal pressure to 'go outside.' It strikes me as odd that I should feel this way.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon napping and watching baseball. I would love to do the same again today, except that it is warmer and sunny. Maybe I should be outside instead of watching TV. Do you agree?

Part of this stems from my childhood I am guessing. Please forgive me Mom if I am wrong, but my assumption is that drilled into my impressionable young brain was the idea, "It is nice outside...go out and play."

As an adult and father, I understand the motive behind this. If my mother's parenting experience was like mine currently is, the idea of sending the kids outside was as much for her sanity as our health and enjoyment. The unfortunate side aff…

Baseball Is Back

It's here...

Welcome back baseball.

I have missed you.

Preseason Hopes
Twins v. Red Sox in ALCS
Cardinals v. Dodgers in NLCS

Books I am Reading


Parkour: Not My Newest Hobby

I get excited about a lot of things; I don't think Parkour is going to be one of them. However, I am blown away by what the human body can do though (esp. if you can turn off the mechanisms in the brain that control fear and logical reasoning).

Check out the video below.

Driscoll Teaching to Men

This is some hard-hitting, intense preaching to men about how to be men. If you don't want to be convicted, DO NOT watch this.