Almost Arrested

So, here's the whole story.

Yesterday I was driving home from work when I was pulled over by a police officer in Lakeville. He asked me if I knew there was a warrant out for my arrest. I didn't know. After he told me what it was for, I remembered. A couple months ago I was issued a ticket for no proof of insurance. I followed the instructions on the ticket and faxed in the proof, but apparently the fax wasn't received by the courthouse. That is why I had the warrant.

After a few uncomfortable moments in the back of the squad the police officer drove me to a local bank so I could withdraw money and bail myself out of the back of his car. It was that or make some new friends at the Hastings jail. I will get my money back when I show up to argue my case and plead for mercy in court later this month. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having a police officer escort you into the bank to get some cash!

All in all everything is fine. Just a misunderstanding between me and the state. We'll work it out. I'm sure it was funny for me kids to hear their mother talking about "Daddy's going to jail!" Hopefully they'll tell their friends and then all the neighborhood kids will be afraid fo Mr. Balvin the convict!