GO Outisde!

Here is something I've been wondering about today.
"Why do I feel pressure to spend more time outside when the weather is nice?"
I am not only speaking about pressure from external sources like friends and family, but internal pressure to 'go outside.' It strikes me as odd that I should feel this way.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon napping and watching baseball. I would love to do the same again today, except that it is warmer and sunny. Maybe I should be outside instead of watching TV. Do you agree?

Part of this stems from my childhood I am guessing. Please forgive me Mom if I am wrong, but my assumption is that drilled into my impressionable young brain was the idea, "It is nice outside...go out and play."

As an adult and father, I understand the motive behind this. If my mother's parenting experience was like mine currently is, the idea of sending the kids outside was as much for her sanity as our health and enjoyment. The unfortunate side affect is that hearing that over and over again created a strange legalism in me. Now, if I don't go outside when it is nice, I feel like I am bad.

Or maybe it comes from someplace else. Maybe there is a primal urge inside my body to get out and get 'back to nature.' Maybe the sun beckons and the cells of my brain respond to the calling of fresh air, warm UV rays, and soft breeze tickling my eyes. I don't know.

What I do know is that I like watching the Red Sox from my couch sometimes, and other times I like playing catch and riding my bike.

And no one is going to make me feel bad about that anymore...not even my inner outdoors-man.