Breaking Free from an Entertainment Addiction

I have been wrestling internally over the past year with the way I spend my time and the large amount of hours I pour into sports. In my quiet moments it scares me to think that I will waste my life away watching Sportscenter and 3 hour baseball games, yet I find myself continually drawn there.

A pastor recently remarked on this very issue and gave some helpful tips on what people can do to break free from an entertainment addiction and to delight themselves in God. His final word on the subject bears repeating,
One last suggestion: think about your death. Think about your death a lot. Ask what you'd like to be doing in the season of life, or hours or days, leading up to meeting Christ. I do that a lot these days. I think about the impact of death, and what I would like to be found doing, and how I would prepare to meet him and give an account to him.