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The Irony of Loneliness

Isn't it odd that we are apparently becoming a nation of attractive people who sit at home alone at night with our pets, watching television shows about relationships and taking medication for the depression brought on by our loneliness? Meanwhile, our neighbors, whom we do not know, are spending their evenings in much the same way.- Mark Driscoll in The Radical Reformission, pg. 82.

Shotgun Conversion to Christ

"If we desire people to be happily married to Jesus as his loving bride, it makes sense to let them go out on a few dates with him instead of just putting a shotgun to their heads and asking them to hurry up, put on a white dress, and try to look happy for the photos."- Mark Driscoll in The Radical Reformission, pg. 68.

Refreshment for a Wilting Spirit

When I got back to Northfield yesterday after spending a night at my mom's I saw that my lovely red petunia hanging basket was wilting and looking pretty weak. I gave it two large drinks of water and after a cool night passed I went out to check on it this morning. The diagnosis - looking bright and vibrant again. It just needed a long refreshing drink.

I had a thought as I sat on the steps drinking my french vanilla flavored coffee. It occurred to me that many Christian peoples' spirits are reflected in the behaviors of my petunia plant. Over time, due to the neglect that busyness and/or sin can cause, the spirit of a Christ follower begins to wilt. If ignored long enough greater problems than wilting can occur. Ultimately the spirit will begin to shrivel and dry up into death. However, a long refreshing drink of Christ can do for the spirit what water did for botanical life in my hanging basket.

Jesus had some things to say about this kind of water.
John4:10 Jesus answer…

The Religion of Secularism

Furthermore, secularism is its own religion. A secularist says, “The only things we can know must be scientifically proven.” The problem is that statement can’t itself be scientifically proven! That statement is itself a credo statement arising from the a priori belief that there is a) not a God who reveals Himself beyond scientific data and that science is thus the only way to knowledge and b) the belief that our minds are capable to accurately perceive the truth that is out there. These are faith assumptions. David Klingenhoffer, a Jewish secularist said this in the LA Times... I find it quite insightful: "What we are observing in our society appears to be the struggle of religion against no religion. In actuality, it is the conflict of various religions, including secularism. If you object, saying that secularism is not a religion because it has no deity, let's remember that other religions, like Zen Buddhism, also lack belief in a god. What is a religion then? Simply this…

Quick Hits

- received some very positive, encouraging feedback at work on Tuesday...needed that!
- traded in some old goalie equipment and bought some new golf clubs today
- bummed last week about the news of a pastor I know from online who had an affair
- Jake and Drew have been sick (with the swine flu?) for 3 days...I am so done with TV and hot whimpering kids no my lap!
- my sister come home from Guatemala soon
- pumped to play golf on Saturday with Jon at this course
- haven't read as much this summer as I should
- enjoyed watching Paul Blart Mall Cop with the family tonight
- enjoyed watching Slumdog Millionaire with the wife last night
- can't wait to watch the US Open this weekend

Bonehead Baseball Moment

If you missed this you are missing a classic, bonehead baseball moment. Last weekend in a game between the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins, the Cubs outfielder forgot how many outs were in the inning and threw a ball into the stands instead of relaying it back to the infield. Check it out!

The Green Bucket in my Basement

Today I went down into the basement to retrieve my wife's golf clubs and I noticed a green bucket on the floor with a mysterious fluid inside it and some wet spots on the ground near by. After retrieving the bucket, and subsequently plugging my nose, I headed upstairs to ask my children if they had any idea what the fluid was. My son Jacob looked at me like a cow looks at a new gate while the other two kids both shouted, "No!" Then, after a quiet moment or two, Jacob grabbed his crotch and admitted that he "really had to go."

The whole incident brought me back to a time when I was a child and I went pee in my basement underneath the big green tank. Still don't know what was in the tank, but I do know what the puddles were around it. Sorry Mom and Dad!

No More Free Cable

Recently I told someone that I didn't want to do something anymore because I didn't think it was 'right' to continue doing it. A couple days later I heard back from that same individual accusing me of holding a double standard of what was right and wrong based on the fact that I was getting cable TV at our house without paying for it.

At first I was upset because I felt like I was being picked on and persecuted because I didn't support the actions of this other person. However, the more I thought about it the more I came to realize that no matter where the criticism came from, it was valid. I was being inconsistent. I also remembered the words of Scripture that warn followers of Christ that they will be persecuted for doing right. That thought made me slightly glad that I had been 'called out.'

So today I called the cable company and told them free cable was coming into our house and that I would like to pay for the service. I'm sure they thought I …

Reflections on the Dr. Tiller Murder

I just heard yesterday from someone at work about the murder of an abortion doctor in the lobby of his church. My gut reaction was, "Oh no. That is terrible and wrong and completely antithetical to the fight against abortion. You CAN NOT take a life in protest to the taking of life." On his blog Justin Taylor resposted this word from Al Mohler which is worth repeating here:
Abortion is murder. What goes on in those clinics is institutionalized homicide, often for financial profit. Abortion is a moral scandal and a national tragedy and a blight upon the American conscience. But violence in the name of protesting abortion is immoral, unjustified, and horribly harmful to the pro-life cause. Now, the premeditated murder of Dr. George Tiller in the foyer of his church is the headline scandal -- not the abortions he performed and the cause he represented. We have no right to take the law into our own hands in an act of criminal violence. We are not given the right to take this…