The Religion of Secularism

Furthermore, secularism is its own religion. A secularist says, “The only things we can know must be scientifically proven.” The problem is that statement can’t itself be scientifically proven! That statement is itself a credo statement arising from the a priori belief that there is a) not a God who reveals Himself beyond scientific data and that science is thus the only way to knowledge and b) the belief that our minds are capable to accurately perceive the truth that is out there. These are faith assumptions.

David Klingenhoffer, a Jewish secularist said this in the LA Times... I find it quite insightful: "What we are observing in our society appears to be the struggle of religion against no religion. In actuality, it is the conflict of various religions, including secularism. If you object, saying that secularism is not a religion because it has no deity, let's remember that other religions, like Zen Buddhism, also lack belief in a god. What is a religion then? Simply this: a system of beliefs explaining where life comes from; what life means; and what we human beings must be doing with our few allotted years. Answers to these questions are not provable, they are taken on faith."

It is impossible to talk about the world, morality, and even science without bringing some faith assumptions to the table. What is not fair is to say that only you can bring yours.

Via: JD Greer