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Updated the Blog Layout

Sometimes it seems like blogging is dead, so I don't know why I took an hour to update my layout, but I did, so check it out if you're interested.

Poulter, Twitter, Golf, and Church

I’m a big golf nut and one of my favorite professionals is a Brit named Ian Poulter.I don’t just like him because he’s a great golfer (ranked #18 in the world), or because he’s a successful entrepreneur who has launched his own colorful, often plaid inspired clothing line (
I like Ian Poulter because through Twitter he gives me an inside look into his life and the game of golf.Poulter uses Twitter to build a fan base through fun tweets such pictures of the course he’s playing, a sneak preview of his outfit for the upcoming weekend, and a game in which fans could tweet their guess of the distance from the course to Poulter’s home with the winner being awarded a Cobra driver identical to the one Poulter uses.By following @Ianjamespoulter I also get commentary on his play that isn’t shared with the mass media (“I couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo”).All that being said, I wonder, how does your ministry connect to people and build relationships with Twitter?He…

Recent Music Interests

I've been listening to Phil Wickham's Singalong album while writing my sermon this week. You can download it it for free!

A song that I've been listening to over and over again is called How He Loves Me. I first heard it at church a couple weeks ago. There is quite a story behind the writing of the song that you can hear about. The version I'm posting a video of is from a lady named Kim Walker who leads worship for a ministry called Jesus Culture.

Life Update

Wow, I haven't blogged for almost two weeks! And I'm still alive...who would have thought.

I have been busy this summer with work, reading, going to the cabin, golfing, playing with the kids, and trying to stay up on my sleep.

Last week Stephanie, the family, and I had a great time at my parents cabin in Emily, MN. While there we were able to fish, boat, golf, BBQ, play at the park, and enjoy time with family. I am thankful that we have such a fun place to visit.

I have a big week coming up. I need to prep for some important stuff at work next Tuesday. I also have preaching engagements the next two Sundays.

God is stirring something in me that I don't want to blog quite yet, but I took a baby step in His direction yesterday and I'm excited to see what may become of it.

That's it. Now I need to shower and get my hair cut.

Peace out.

Pray, and Be Right

A.W. Tozer got it right: "The kingdom of God, has suffered a great deal of harm from fighters--men who would rather fight than pray; but the kingdom of God has also been done great harm by men who would rather be nice than right."(HT: Kevin DeYoung via Josh Harris)

The Heart is a Rockband

The Bible repeatedly teaches that we do what we are...Our heart is a rockband, and culture is a loudspeaker, and if we don't like the music, spending lots of money to fund organizations to "fix" the speakers won't change the tune.- Mark Driscoll in The Radical Reformission, pg. 109.