Poulter, Twitter, Golf, and Church

I’m a big golf nut and one of my favorite professionals is a Brit named Ian Poulter. I don’t just like him because he’s a great golfer (ranked #18 in the world), or because he’s a successful entrepreneur who has launched his own colorful, often plaid inspired clothing line (www.ianpoulterdesign.com).

I like Ian Poulter because through Twitter he gives me an inside look into his life and the game of golf. Poulter uses Twitter to build a fan base through fun tweets such pictures of the course he’s playing, a sneak preview of his outfit for the upcoming weekend, and a game in which fans could tweet their guess of the distance from the course to Poulter’s home with the winner being awarded a Cobra driver identical to the one Poulter uses. By following @Ianjamespoulter I also get commentary on his play that isn’t shared with the mass media (“I couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo”).

All that being said, I wonder, how does your ministry connect to people and build relationships with Twitter? Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

  • Tweet a ‘sneak peek’ of your upcoming message.
  • Tweet a picture from staff meeting or team outing.
  • Use Twitter to build momentum for upcoming series.
  • Use Twitter to ask for feedback from events.
  • Tweet encouraging verses or quotes that you can’t cram into a sermon.
  • Be real. Tweet a picture of your office.