The Importance of Date Night for Married Couples

Almost every book/blog I have ever read on developing a lasting marriage and preventing sins of all kinds in the marriage relationship, has included the idea of having a regular date night. The frequency varies, but the theme is consistent: men and women who continue to date continue to mate, and continue to deepen the bonds of intimacy and attraction that first brought them together.

There are all kinds of reasons people give for not having a date night. No time, no money, and no baby-sitter are among the most popular. But let me ask you this, "If your spouse confessed to having an affair would you concede it was OK because, after all, you never dated each other after the wedding day because, after all, you didn't have the time, the money, or a baby-sitter for the kids?"

Stephanie and I have not been great about having a regular date night, but we're working on it (we're going out tonight - YEAH!) because we believe in it, and we believe our marriage matters enough to cut past the excuses to make it happen.