Summer Vacation Highlights

My family is blessed to have some good friends in Michigan who have adopted us as children and invite us to spend vacation with them every summer. Although we sadly didn't make it last summer, we have been making up for lost time over the course of the last 8 days. Here are some of the highlights:

- stopping to eat in Wisconsin Dells and seeing the tigers at the Kalahari Resort
- walking around the Woodfield Mall in IL and getting some Gino's East Pizza
- swimming in the pool and watching the increasing courage and maturation of our children (swimming, diving for objects, jumping off the deck and the diving board, playing water basketball, riding a slide down into the pool)
- driving the battery powered John Deere tractor (which Jacob calls the 'derby car')
- driving the big, red real-life tractor
- bonfire w/ smores
- watching Isabelle bond with Grandpa Dan and pick veggies from the garden
- feeding Nikita (the horse) apple and carrots
- seeing Dad injury himself trying a flip off the diving board
- seeing Dad injury himself after touching the electric fence while trying to pet the horse
- going to the Curious Kids Museum (twice!)
- visiting DeerForest with Holly and Tate
- getting t-shirts for Mom and Dad at Notre Dame
- going to the movie G-Force
- watching lots of the PGA Championship in HD
- eating ice cream in St. Joseph
- eating at Silver Beach Pizza
- playing in Lake Michigan and building sand castles at the St. Joseph beach
- getting toys and eating dinner at Cracker Barrel
- finding all the painted animals on the sidewalk in St. Joseph and checking them off our maps
- eating Stephanie's banana bread and chicken salad
- reading C.S. Lewis (Screwtape Letters, The Weight of Glory, The Great Divorce)
- watching We Are Marshall
- Andrew getting stung by something like 12 wasps, and Jacob getting stung once