A Prayer of Blessing for Our Son

At church last weekend our pastor and his wife co-taught on the subject of parenting. They challenged parents to do three things:

1. Teach their children
2. Warn their children
3. Bless their children

Great message that you can download here.

After church Stephanie and I were discussing the message and we found out that even prior to the service we both felt God telling us to pray a prayer of blessing over Jacob the night before he started preschool. So last night that is what we did.

It was a very touching moment as Stephanie and I both laid hands of Jacob and just prayed for him. We asked God to make him courageous, to open his mind to learn, that he would show kindness to all kids, that he could be a light in the school. We praised God that he has a plan for Jacob and we asked him to come and guide Jacob to be a man of God.

To be honest, I think it was overwhelming for Jacob. Before I was done he kind of broke down and couldn't really express why he was crying, but I think it had to do with the fact that even he realized from today forward life wouldn't ever be the same for our family.

I can't encourage you enough. Parents pray over you kids. Pray for your kids with them and without them around. Pray real, honest prayers...not the canned "now I lay me down to sleep" but open, desperate prayers that will model for your kids what it means to depend on God.

Like our pastor said, "If you're not praying for your kids, who else will?"