Updated Life List

My wife Stephanie has a list of things she'd like to do before she dies. I have been putting together my own list in the back of my journals. As I come to the close of another Moleskine, I thought I should bring all my lists together on my blog. I write things down spur of the moment so I have some pretty ambitious goals. Here's my list:
  1. Write something that is at least 50 pages
  2. Coach one of my kids sports teams (done spring and summer 2010, Jacob's teeball and coach pitch)
  3. Play a round of golf under 85 (done summer of 2009)
  4. Play a round of golf under 80
  5. Run another marathon (ran Grandma's Marathon Summer of 2010)
  6. Run a third marathon
  7. Pay off all our debt
  8. Become an STL
  9. Visit England or Ireland
  10. Go back to Hawaii with Stephanie
  11. Take my boys to watch the MN Gophers play the WI Badgers in Madison
  12. Build the kids a tree fort
  13. Shoot a deer
  14. Hike Pike's Peak
  15. Hike the Grand Canyon top to bottom
  16. Camp w/ my family in the Black Hills
  17. Take boys to baseball games in other states
  18. Family trip to Boston
  19. Family trip to Disneyland
  20. Ride my bike to Duluth
  21. Trip to Yellowstone National Park
  22. Visit a cave
  23. Trip to the Redwood Forest
  24. Attend a service at Mars Hill church in Seattle
  25. Attend a service at The Village Church in Denton, TX
  26. Finish our basement
  27. Do the Polar Plunge
  28. Go on a hot air balloon ride
It is interesting to see my goals written out like this. Many of the outdoor goals have come from the influence of books I have been reading this year. I'm excited to see how this list takes shape in the years to come.