10 Reasons Why Beer is Good

God is Great, Beer is Good, and People Are Crazy

pt. 2 - Beer is Good

1. Beer is good when you've spent the day moving rock, mowing the yard, racking leaves, or pulling the dock out of the lake at the cabin.

2. Beer is good when you're eating chicken wings and watching the Vikings dominate the Packers at your Wisconsin native neighbors house.

3. Beer is good when you're staring at the stars and watching the embers glow inside the fire pit.

4. Beer is good when you're on hour 3 on day 4 of a Rook game that just won't end.

5. Beer is good when you're at the wedding of someone you don't really know and you've decided there is no way you're ever doing the Chicken Dance again in your lifetime.

6. Beer is good when you're sitting on the tailgate of your pick-up discussing the success/failure of your hunt.

Beer is good when you're taking all your buddies money after going 'all in' with your Aces over 10s full house.

Beer is good when you're burning your shoulders and chest in the sun waiting for the walleye to bite.

9. Beer is good when you're stuffed from your 6th Cinco de Mayo taco and your mouth is still on fire because you bet your buddy you could fit 10 jalapenos into your mouth.

Beer is good when you're celebrating any occasion not mentioned in reasons 1-9.
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