10 Reasons Why God is Great

God is Great, Beer is Good, and People Are Crazy

pt. 1 - God is Great

1. Though I am a wretched, daily sinner and idolator God chose before the foundation of the world to save me from hell through the substitutionary death of his Son Jesus.

2. While I was still in my mothers womb he gifted me with the talents and abilities that make me the person I am and enable me to live in this world.

3. He determined the time and place of my birth and placed me in the loving care of two Christians parents who love Him and one another deeply.

4. Like a loving Father he brought me along in my youth, allowing me to live and learn, fall and be bruised, all the while staying close by my side and drawing me back to himself.

5. He has given me godly, golden crown of a woman as my wife and a quiver full of children who make me laugh and smile everyday.

6. Each day he is faithful to raise the sun, breathe breath into my lungs, put food on my table and keep my children clothed.

7. He promises not to harm me, and shows me small glimpses of the plans he has for my future which fill me with hope.

8. He is faithful and just to forgive my sins and by abiding in his truth I am set free to live.

9. Through faith in his Son he gives me special abilities which fill me with energy and joy when I use them to glorify him.

10. He has given me friends with whom I can eat, drink, and be merry, experiencing love and support, hope and joy, happiness and delight.