Theology from Kid's Mouths

Tonight we were having some bedtime theology conversation and I asked the kids, "What does it mean to be a sinner?" See responses below:

Jacob: It means you tell a lie.
Andrew: It means you go in the pool.
Izzy: It means you don't love God and you disobey God and you want to kill Jesus!

After explaining the gap sin creates between us and God, and telling the kids how Jesus makes a bridge for us back to God and to forgive our sins Izzy says, "And Jesus rose from the dead." See what happens next.

Jacob: Na uh. The soldiers didn't see him.
Izzy: Yes he did. Actually, the soldiers are in hell.
Jacob: No they're not.
Izzy: Yes they are. They are in hell. Like Darth.

Izzy is so intense but also, in many ways, so in tune with truth. She has a sharp, powerful mind. God use her.