Book Review: From Peanuts to the Press Box

From Peanuts to the Press Box by Eli Gold is a book about a young man's dream, passion and journey to become a professional sports announcer. In this easy to read autobiography Gold shares all kinds of entertaining, enlightening and just plain interesting stories from the many bus rides he's been on, the thousands of plane trips he's taken and the innumerable sporting events he has announced during his life. I really enjoyed reading about how a man set his mind on something as a young boy and then through great fortune and lots of hard work achieved those goals.

Gold has been a mainstay behind the microphone for the Alabama football and basketball programs for many years, but his vast experience includes many minor and pro hockey games, minor league baseball, and even NASCAR. As a sports fan the book kept me interested and entertained. It was fun to get a look inside at sports and to see it through the experiences of an announcer. Gold made me realize that sports is much bigger than just the athletes on the playing surface, and he gave me a greater appreciation for the men and women who bring the game alive in my ears.

If you love sports you'll enjoy this book.