Highlights from Boys Night - Dec 2009

Stephanie and Izzy were at my mom's house for a girl's night so the boys and I had a little party of our own.

Here's the rundown:
- trip to Menards for shovels
- stop at Cub Foods for a cookie, some Powerade, and cough medicine
- McDonald's value meal for snacks
- wrestling in the living room
- playing toys in the bedroom
- frozen pizza and grapes for dinner
- watch Star Wars episode II
- Skype with Mom and Izzy
- Boneless Buffalo Wings and Onion Rings at Applebee's
- watch the news and go to bed

Boys Night continued into this morning with...
- sleeping in
- trip to Cub Foods for donuts
- wrestling
- watch The Night at the Museum
- chili for lunch
- trip to the doctor (for Jacob's cough, not because of the chili!)
- knee hockey