21 Days of Prayer and Fasting w/ RVC

On Monday our church started 21 days of prayer and fasting. You can see more here. For the fast I have chosen to give up three things:

1. Twitter
2. Sports on TV
3. Finishing the food on my kids' plates

These might all seem like small trivial things to fast from but they have significance for me. Here's why:

1. Giving up Twitter means I give up on worrying about my status and my worth in others eyes. It means I unplug and focus more on my family and my own life. It means I deal with feelings I'm having instead of pushing them down and passing the moments reading 'tweets.'

2. Giving up sports means I give up most of my TV time. It means I'm free to use my mind to read or to play with my kids or to hand over the remote and watch a show with my wife (even if that show is The Good Wife). It also means I'll have to find other things to talk about with people.

3. Giving up cleaning my kids' plates means I am learning contentment. I don't need to eat more and more. I don't always have to 'finish' to be happy. And I might be more healthy as well.

So far the fasting is going well, though it is amazing how much Twitter worthy material comes your way when you're not tweeting. The most difficult thing is taking the time to pray. The space I am creating by not tweeting or watching sports is easily taken over by many other things.