Grandma's Marathon 2010

This morning I signed up to run Grandma's Marathon in June.

It was a 2010 goal of mine to run another marathon and I figured I wouldn't do it unless I actually registered and forced myself to get into a training program. As I was scanning the 2010 US Marathon Calendar I clicked on the Grandma's website to discover that registration opened today! So, BOOM, I registered.

We'll make a mini-vacation of it and probably stay in a water park hotel in Duluth so Stephanie and the kids have something fun to do while I am out killing myself. I haven't run much since my last marathon in 2006 (the Twin Cities Marathon) but I am PUMPED to do it again. I know I have lots of long training ahead of me but hey, this 30 year old body isn't getting any younger.

Anybody run this race before? Tips? Anybody else running it this year?