Some Goals for 2010

A few of my goals for 2010 include (not in specific any order):

1. Show more patience and grace with my kids. If God shows it to me in repeated sins, why wouldn't I show it to them?
2. Read through the entire Bible. I am following a program from YouVersion. It is a great site worth checking out.
3. Hike up Pike's Peak. I started thinking about this last year and I'd really like to do it this spring. Anyone interested?
4. Read 24 books. In all honesty I'd like to increase that number but 2 a month is a good starting point for me. I also want to read books across all sorts of genre.
5. Go on a monthly date with my wife Stephanie. My marriage matters to me and dating my wife must be a priority.
6. Get involved in church life again. We've been out of the game for about a year with me doing overnight work and we need to get plugged back in.
7. Attend a Twins game at the brand new Target Field.
8. Run another marathon (and lose 20 lbs in the process). I am thinking about one in the fall because I just can't get motivated to start my training started in the snow!