Wanting More

A friend of mine recently wrote,

[There] Seems to be a bit of a Catch-22. Those of us who feel driven have a love/hate relationship with that state of being. Welove the thrill of the pursuit--whatever we are pursuing (and sometimes the "what" doesn't even matter)--but we are torn by the constant internal push. It is almost as if we are trying, by our efforts, to find our ultimate fulfillment in this life. And it is often an uncomfortable tension.

I completely understand what he is talking about. I live in the tension myself. I tend to view every milestone reached, every achievement accomplished, not as a destination reached but as a stepping stone to some ultimate, unknown destination. And unfortunately, I miss celebrating what's done because I'm more concerned with what's to come.

This drive and passion to accomplish new things isn't all bad. It keeps me focused and motivated. It has the ability to produce new and exciting opportunities for myself and those around me. I just have to keep it in check and remember that on this earth I will never find complete fulfillment. If that is my goal I will keep jumping from milestone to milestone feeling perpetually empty. However if I ground my life in Jesus Christ, I can enjoy both what I do, and who I am without doing, because of what has been done for me.