Balvin Family Day

Thanks to the generosity of Stephanie's brother and wife, our kids were set free in the amusement park at Mall of America today with unlimited ride wristbands. I would guess that Jacob and Izzy went on about 25 rides each (many multiples, especially the bumper cars, swings, and roller coasters), and Andrew went on many as well. The lone downside was Andrew's height because he was just a couple inches too short to go on a few of the rides he was excited about.

Today was a wonderful family time. It was so fun to watch the kids run from ride to ride, filled with excitement and anticipation, and it made Stephanie even more excited for a future Disney trip! We even topped off the fun with some Chipotle chips and guacamole...a Balvin family favorite! I'm sure Stephanie will have pictures and videos up soon!

Thanks Jason and Janelle for the great gift!