10 Steps for a Smooth Job Transition

Jason Young is a leader who I got to know last year at the STORY conference. He's a great guy with unbridled passion and enthusiasm for life. He recently blogged 10 lessons he's learned on how to make a smooth transition into a new job. There's some great stuff for me to think about here as I start my new role with Target.
  1. Learn the organization: the culture, the values, the processes, the politics, the people.
  2. Be patient and do not exceed the speed limit, but do not move to slowly.
  3. Prioritize your to-do and to-know list.
  4. Construct a strategic plan to include a clear vision and communicate it frequently.
  5. Build a healthy team to include both current team members and those possibly outside the organization.
  6. Establish what needs to happen right now that is foundational for future construction.
  7. Secure early wins to generate momentum and establish credibility.
  8. Build alliances with other team members who can help be a voice for your plan.
  9. Enter with sustained humility.
  10. Add value to what other team members are currently doing.