Change Happens: Stephanie's New Job

The most constant thing in this Balvin family's life is change, and last week brought us another major change moment.

Last Tuesday Stephanie was offered a long term substitute teaching position at a small private school near our home. The timing was the Lord's as Stephanie's basketball season was nearing its end and we were beginning to wonder where the extra income would come from, but they wanted her to start ASAP which threw us into the difficult task of lining up quality, affordable child care for our three kids in just 3 days time..

Again, Jesus' hand was with us. I was able to reach out to a friend from an old Target store I worked in who is starting an exciting child care center in her home and had openings a few days each week. (Also really cool is the fact that she "happens" to live just miles from the Target store in Eagan I was transferred two just two weeks earlier!) Next, we have amazing neighbors who graciously said they could help us a couple days a week. And our in-laws have been very supportive in picking Jacob up from his half day kindergarten and watching him a couple afternoons a week.

Going back to work has been exhausting for Stephanie, but we both know that God has brought this opportunity our way and that we will see us through to where he wants us to go.