Up late tonight finishing some year end work reviews.

Don't you just love reviews? That should be read in a voice that is a a bit sarcastic, but reviews do have their benefits. They force us to stop and remember, and evaluate what has happened. They can also provide a platform for change and growth in the future. Another positive outcome of reviews is that good ones force us to be honest about ourselves and our achievements. And they can be a catalyst for future growth and improvements.

Have you ever done a personal review? Maybe everyone should set aside one day a year where they evaluate where they've come from and where they're going. Here's some things I think you could include:
- How have you been as a husband in the last year? A father? A friend?
- What areas have you grown in during the last year? What areas still need developing?
- Are you closer or farther from Jesus?
- What is holding you back from being and doing everything you dream of?
- What do you need to start doing this year to make a difference? What needs to stop?
- What positives/accomplishments deserve remembering and celebrating?
What questions would you put on your 'life review'?