Big Steer Half Marathon: A Clarification

On Saturday I tweeted about completing the Big Steer Half Marathon. I didn't mean to intentionally mislead anyone, but with only 140 characters you can only say so much.

Here's the full story:
The Big Steer is a truck stop exactly 6.6 miles from our house. As part of my marathon training I ran there and back on Saturday, completing the 13.2 mile loop. 13.2 miles is the same distance as a half marathon, so in my mind I ran one.
To add to my sense of accomplishment I gave the effort a name. Hence, the Big Steer Half Marathon was born. I don't know if it will catch on in Northfield, but completing the run was a big success and confidence booster for me.
Sorry if you feel cheated. If you're ever in Northfield, and interested, I'd be happy to run the Big Steer with you!