Doing Life Together Matters

Ever since we moved to Northfield 3 years ago we have been without a church home. Really we've been wondering since my crap nearly blew us up in February 2006 (but that's another post).

Today we went back to the church we attended for about a year before I started working overnights. It was fun to go back and see friends, and I'm grateful for the kind welcome that we got. It really sucks being without a church where you plug in and share life with people. There is a real bond that exists between people of the same faith, and who share the same goal of living out that faith in a daily, tangible way.

My faith is so much more alive when I am attending church regularly and rubbing shoulders with other believers. I have to admit, I'm not much good at sustaining faith alone. My need for small group encouragement, accountability and fellowship is becoming more and more clear to me. Doing life together is the best way to do it. But it has to be a togetherness that goes deeper than talking sports, BBQs and American Idol viewing parties.

I need to drive this area of my life, and no one will do it except for me.