Jesus, Help Me Let It Go

Jesus told his disciples, "Whoever would come after me must deny his own desires daily, trade them in for my desires, and follow my example." (Matthew 16:24, my paraphrase)
I've heard that verse many times, but last night I heard it fresh again. To follow Jesus I have to deny myself. I have to let go of all the things I want, and start, ground zero, with his desires. I have to put into practice what I know the Bible teaches me to do, and stop making excuses for or ignoring the sin issues in my heart.

What are my desires?
- to be liked, even adored
- to have a life of ease
- to get my own way
- to enjoy success without hard work
- to have a perfect family
- to buy more and more of this and that
- to spend my money on things that make my life look better in other's eyes
- to have what others have (money, body, brain, talents)
- that everyone else would be more like me

And that's just the blog-able junk I desire. Jesus help me let it go!