What I Learned Coaching Tee Ball

On Saturday I coached Jacob's tee ball game. It was the first game I have coached and it was fun. But it was also hard because it raised some junk in me that I didn't necessarily know I had.

I found myself being very nice and encouraging to every kid on the team, except for my own son. I was hard on Jake. Demanding, impatient, unsatisfied. For all the other kids this tee ball game was just a fun play around, but for my son I expected him to treat it like the World Series. And that wasn't right.

On the way home Jake made a comment, "I just like the fun." I was thinking about the whole situation while I was at work later that night and that comment really cut me. What was my problem? I want my son to feel loved and cherished, whether he hits five home runs, or drops five fly balls. Who cares! Not Jesus. So I shouldn't either.
Colossians 3:21 teaches, "Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged."
Man I needed to hear those words of Scripture this weekend. I don't want my boy to be scarred by my unrealistic, overbearing, stupid expectations. He's a six year old kid, not a MLB superstar, and he cane draw in the infield dirt if he wants to.