When God Says Move

Last week when I was mowing the yard I was listening to a sermon and the preacher said something that has stuck with me. He was talking about God's calling on our lives, and the idea that many times in the Bible God's call on people's lives involves them going to some place unknown. Think about it. Abraham was told to go to the place God would later show him. Moses was sent out into the wilderness to wander towards the promise land. The Apostle Paul was constantly on the move. As was Jesus.

Doing great things for God requires a great amount of faith and a close relationship with him. And I imagine that following the call of God and traveling to new and unknown places has a way of deepening faith and intimacy like few other things. When I stay put, live under my own power, and get by day to day without much trouble it is easy to become more dependent on my job to meet my needs rather than on my God.

I'm not saying that I hear God calling me somewhere else right now, but I wonder how receptive and willing I am to go should he ask me too.