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Overheard at Target

Last night I was at Target and I heard a mother say to her college age daughter, "Do you have a good plunger? You know, these things can come in real handy." I didn't hear the daughter's reply, but I mentioned to a co-worker that I could my daughter Isabelle saying (in fourteen years) "Dad, don't ever talk to me again." My co-worker replied that girls say that kind of stuff at 13, and that by 18 they just want you to pay for the plunger.

The Dad Life

The Dad Life, from Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK.

Thankful for My Wife's Abilities in the Home

My wife Stephanie and I were driving home the other night talking about random things when I said to her that if I die she'd be well taken care of because of my life insurance policy. She realized that she didn't have one and questioned me, wondering if she should then worry about her safety if I ever get one for her (insinuating I might 'off' her for the cash :) ). I quickly reassured her explaining that without her I'd be lost to try and work out all the details of my families crazy life.
I'm so grateful for Stephanie and the way she holds all the pieces together in our home. She knows birthdays, ball games, appointments, and due dates. I can't even keep track of where I put my car keys or remember what I did the day before. But I didn't use to be so mindless. In fact I was sort of OCD about order, routine and details. So what happened? I thought it was the woman who was supposed to lose a piece of her mind after childbirth. In our house Steph…

Putting Faith Into Action

The religious, meanwhile, must always ask themselves whether their political undertakings honor what the 20th century theologian Paul Tillich called their "ultimate concern." Putting faith into action can be a good thing so long as the true end of belief is not compromised or corrupted in the fire of battle....Such extremists are not Christians but pagans worshiping the gods of self-righteousness and violence rather than the Lord of history and love.
- Jon Meacham, "American Gospel," pg. 242

Don't Ignore Kids at Your Church

I am a big proponent of churches spending time, money, and energy to do ministry with kids. Being a father of three it is important to me that my kids love going to church and learning about God there. Of course I understand that it is primarily my responsibility to teach my kids about Christ, but it makes my job a whole bunch easy if I have an hour every week that I can relax and know my kids are being loved, taught, and delighted.
Pastor Perry Noble recently posted on this subject as well. I see a monumental problem in churches today…when we consider that unchurched people are not being reached AND we combine that with the fact that MANY students that were raised in church walk away when they graduate high school…well, that’s a problem. I think one way to combat that issue is striving as a church to have a healthy youth and children’s ministry. (I won’t say that much about youth ministry in this post…I did cover some things a few months ago...)Here are three convictions I have abo…