Don't Ignore Kids at Your Church

I am a big proponent of churches spending time, money, and energy to do ministry with kids. Being a father of three it is important to me that my kids love going to church and learning about God there. Of course I understand that it is primarily my responsibility to teach my kids about Christ, but it makes my job a whole bunch easy if I have an hour every week that I can relax and know my kids are being loved, taught, and delighted.

Pastor Perry Noble recently posted on this subject as well.
I see a monumental problem in churches today…when we consider that unchurched people are not being reached AND we combine that with the fact that MANY students that were raised in church walk away when they graduate high school…well, that’s a problem.

I think one way to combat that issue is striving as a church to have a healthy youth and children’s ministry. (I won’t say that much about youth ministry in this post…I did cover some things a few months ago...)

Here are three convictions I have about children’s ministry…