Thankful for My Wife's Abilities in the Home

My wife Stephanie and I were driving home the other night talking about random things when I said to her that if I die she'd be well taken care of because of my life insurance policy. She realized that she didn't have one and questioned me, wondering if she should then worry about her safety if I ever get one for her (insinuating I might 'off' her for the cash :) ). I quickly reassured her explaining that without her I'd be lost to try and work out all the details of my families crazy life.

I'm so grateful for Stephanie and the way she holds all the pieces together in our home. She knows birthdays, ball games, appointments, and due dates. I can't even keep track of where I put my car keys or remember what I did the day before. But I didn't use to be so mindless. In fact I was sort of OCD about order, routine and details. So what happened? I thought it was the woman who was supposed to lose a piece of her mind after childbirth. In our house Stephanie's gotten sharper and I'm becoming a dim bulb.