Behavior Is Confusing

Do you know anyone whose a real jerk? Here's a you think they choose to be that way? Here's another question, how does anyone choose to be anything? Do you choose to be empathetic, crabby, patient, understanding, rude, or kind? Do you think behavior is more nature or nurture, choice or circumstance, conscious or subconscious? I wonder how many people are even conscious of their behavior and what they look like to others. Do you know what you look like to others? And if you do, are people perceiving you the way you want them to? Can you even control that. I don't know. I think our behavior is a result of a sustained pattern of behaviors but I don't know when formation of character starts happening. And how do you break it and start over. Choice by choice. Instant by instant. That's exhausting. And when you break down and default how far back on the road of recovery does that put you? Questions abound.